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Brunei is largely undiscovered in many sense of the word. It is different from most of the other previously ‘roaring tigers’ of Asia. Brunei has chosen to tread carefully and calmly in the busy and volatile international environment away from the thrills and spills of countries anxiously wanting to be developed or a world power. Governed by the longest serving family monarchy in the world and well endowed with substantial oil and gas resources, there is no question that Brunei is politically and financially stable.

Located on equatorial Borneo, at the geographic heart of Asia, Brunei's history and culture is intriguing, dynamic and an integral part in the evolution of modern Asia. With multi cultured traditions, its benevolent monarch, assimilation of modern technologies, an international outlook and religion at its foundations, to experience Brunei is truly unique. This is illustrated by the existence of the ancient and traditional water villages of Bandar Seri Begawan (probably the largest in the world and Asia's most outstanding example of cultural heritage preservation) amidst cutting edged technology such as wifi access points. Brunei's advance medical services, public health administration, education system, roads, communication and commercial facilities are amongst the best deserving of a modern nation. This combination of modern advance and culture and tradition does wonders to the quality of life in Brunei and is probably what many other nations are aspiring and finding it difficult to achieve in a much grander scale.

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