Rofhas Business Advisory Partnership


Rofhas Business Advisory Partnership ("RBAP") is a strategic business advisory firm which specialises in structured finance and tactical business management and implementation.

RBAP's principals has successfully completed over one hundred transactions on behalf of clients ranging from private, middle market companies to large foreign or large multi-nationals. Through years of experience, personnel have established reputations for responding quickly to clients' needs, creative problem-solving, managing the sensitive and personal issues that attend business negotiations.

Representative of RBAP's client engagements include:
  • Sales of privately-held businesses
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Acquisition searches
  • Acquisitions of specific target companies
  • Management and leveraged buy-outs
  • Venture capital fundraising / Private placements
  • Recapitalizations

Whatever the nature of the assignment, the goal of RBAP is the same: to create value for clients and help them meet their personal and business goals. How? Simple. We take the time to understand our clients, and then apply our talents, experience, and energy to their project. Finally, and most importantly, we follow through. A full-service commitment at each step of the process is the hallmark of a RBAP engagement.


Company Incorporations in Brunei

Unlike many tax efficient jurisdictions, Brunei has the advantage of already being an affluent society based on an oil and gas economy. The country’s motives in establishing a tax free regime are therefore more subtle and socio-economic than simply to generate an income-stream to supplement tourism.

Brunei is a "dual jurisdiction", whereby an international legislation offers "offshore" facilities, alongside the usual range of "domestic" legislation drawn from that of England and Wales. The jurisdictional distinction is thus jurisprudential rather than physical.

The judicial system is common to both domestic and international law. In this regard, Brunei is fortunate in His Majesty’s choice of senior and highly respected judges including several drawn from Commonwealth countries. In a recent judgment, Dato Sir Denys Roberts, KCMG, SPMP, a former Chief Justice of Hong Kong who for some years has held that office in Brunei had occasion to observe.

"There has never been any interference by the executive with the judiciary, which has remained staunchly independent…"

All members of the (Brunei) Court of Appeal are distinguished Commonwealth Judges. The importance of such a strong and experienced "British/Commonwealth" judiciary in an Asian regional context cannot be overstated. Final civil appeals are (by consent) to the Privy Council in London.

As a sovereign nation of high repute (capable, for example of hosting the 2000 APEC Summit), Brunei served notice at the outset that criminal abuses of its financial systems will not be tolerated. The country took these steps voluntarily, rather than under pressure. This reflects responsible economic and social attitudes. Similarly, participation in international regulatory groups is being extended.

Looking at some of the factors which normally can be taken into account when considering a secure jurisdiction, Brunei qualifies in each of these prerequisites with flying colors.

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