The Way We Do Business

People all over the world are increasingly interested in what goes on in corporation. Is the business being conducted properly? Are local laws being adhered to? Does a company comply with international regulations? At Fleet Rofhas Organisation, we have set down exactly how we operate, our values and our principles.

Our Values

Our values give us standards to measure ourselves by particularly in our dealings with customers, associates, affiliates and our own people within the Group. The values have real meaning for us and the way we behave. We believe in:

Our Standards

Our business principles set down the standards by which we operate. Above all, we're committed to creating long-term value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society. We need to make sustainable profits if our business is to thrive.

We have trained employees within the Group on these principles, and we continue to think and act according to them on a daily basis. In order to help us maintain this focus, we have developed the Group's Code of Conduct.

This Code is intended to provide our people with a clear overview of their obligations. In essence, it captures not only the general business principles but also our key and relevant Group Directives. Ultimately it helps all Fleet Rofhas Organisation's employees to perform their jobs in accordance with the Group’s standards.

Our Multicultural Organisation

We thrive on the many different nationalities and cultures in our organisation. It makes us a stronger and more dynamic company, as well as a great place to work.
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