Our Interest in Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSE&S)

The Fleet Rofhas Organisation's goal is to increase stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers, associates and affiliates. This is crucial for the success of our group. To achieve this, we require sustainable business operations in order to meet our needs today whilst protecting resources and rights for future generations.

The basic responsibilities regarding HSE&S of our employees and The Group as a whole are included in our Code of Conduct. Specific HSE&S responsibilities are further clarified in Our Beliefs and Principles, which were issued in 2008.

Also in 2008, we issued a new Policy Statement on Health, Safety, Environment and Security which is fully aligned with our commitment to meeting all of our stakeholders’ expectations in running a profitable and sustainable business, while at the same time meeting all of our commitments to society and the environment.

To help implement the Policy’s requirements, we have a comprehensive HSE&S Management System in place. This consists of:

All operation sites are requested to assure compliance by providing an annual self assessment regarding their HSE&S Management systems and Performance. At least once every year all operation sites are audited by multidisciplinary teams of HSE&S specialists under the ownership and responsibility of our auditing department. Larger sites are also subject to external insurance audits. The HSE&S audit intervals are risk-based and are determined by the inherent hazards present on site and the most recent audit score achieved. An annual critical review takes place of all sites with a high inherent hazard.

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